Our MLM Software is a product and customized solution for handling various activities of MLM Company

Software plays vital role in the success of MLM Organization
*  We have a group of highly qualified and experienced Software Professionals and Technical support Executives.
*  We have already worked with many MLM companies and successfully implemented MLM Software at the client side.
*  Our MLM Software is a product and customized solution for handling various activities of MLM Company like Registration, Confirmation, Product package / delivery, Genealogy- various type of tree with respect to plan, Incentive calculation, Integrated Cheque printing, weekly report, payout report and more.

Salient Features of Our MLM Software

MLM Plan
  • Unique way to provide online solution
  • MLM Software is user Friendly
  • MLM Software is Simple, reliable and easy to operate
  • MLM Software has Fully Organized member and administration section
  • MLM Incentive calculations / Statement generation within few minutes
MLM Binary plan

MLM Binary PlanThe Binary plan is an organizational plan used by multi-level marketing (MLM) organizations wherein new organization members are introduced into a Binary Tree structure, or a left and a right sub tree. A typical MLM binary tree structure: The individual will receive compensation from the sales of the down line red members. Normally, one sub tree is referred to as a Power Leg while the second sub tree is a Profit Leg. The Power Leg structure has automatic placement of new members, even by members previously enrolled, or ancestors, to the current member. Since any new members must be placed below their enrolling member, they naturally must fall to an available leaf node of the Binary Tree. Order of placement may be any of Preorder, In order or Post order as determined by either the organization or the enrolling member’s nearest ancestor.

MLM Australian Binary

MLM Australian Binary PlanBoth Australian Binary plan and Tri-Binary plan looks similar, the only difference between them is during the payout for pair, matching is required in Tri-Binary, whereas no matching is required in MLM Australian Binary Plan. Many MLM plans are approved by the clients, but the Australian binary plan has its own importance. Australian Binary Plan Development is comparable to tri binary plan development. The difference is less but can’t be negotiated. Australian Binary Software is an alteration of the tri binary plan. The larger pay-out is available for the Australian binary plan representatives. The first level of the plan has three child representatives, two to the right and one to the left. The third succeeding level has two child representatives of each parent.

MLM Matrix Plan

MLM Matrix PlanMLM Matrix Plan Development generally works by permutation of MLM binary. The company has capable and proficient Matrix Plan Experts, who takes absolute conscientiousness for Matrix MLM Software Development. The MLM plan is triumphant, until and, unless there are a large number of people recruited for the matrix or force matrix process. The people recruited work in united loom to accomplish the goals of maximum profit. In MLM Matrix Plan, the recruitments are done by the computer to fill the matrix slots. The computer searches for the empty slots and consigns the new joining over there. Limited income positions are there for unlimited prospect of profits and gains.

MLM Board Plan

MLM Board PlanPreeminent and foremost MLM opportunities are being offered to MLM clients in the board plan MLM. Board plan compensation is the newest and gaining the esteem among MLM clients. MLM Board Plan Software Experts of the company are dexterous and proficient in understanding the client requirements regarding the building and modification of the existing board plan in the MLM industry. After the commencement of MLM Board Plan, then every member has to sponsor the people in 3:3 ratios. An excellent amount of reward points and incentives can be made on the number of joining made by the parent board plan member. Significant opportunities can be made accessible through joining into the Board Plan MLM Software development.An eligible candidate fulfilling the plan requirements enters into the board. Some other functionality required for the board plan completion comprises of Recycle entry, Cross matrix, Next move, unlimited income, and many others.

MLM Growth/Help/Gift Plan

The MLM growth/Help/Gift plan is best multi level marketing software. It provides good relation between vendor and owner. It provides more money in less time. Xentric Technologies provides many MLM Software plans but the one of the more efficient plan is MLM growth plan. In the network marketing we sell the product and business ideas to our client and take money. Any software can be success if it gives satisfaction on both client and owner side. The MLM growth plan is nothing special but it is a part of MLM software to provide high achievement. The MLM growth software helps to satisfy the vendor or customer and give more benefits. In the present time money does not affect very much but time affect very much. In the Multi level marketing software the growth plan geared for full time effort. This is pretty simple and easy to understand and explain.

MLM Spillover Plan

MLM spill over plan is just similar to binary plan. To start a multilevel marketing business we need to understand the working of the binary plan. At the initial level we have to join some people to our down line. As they reach their target we need to recruit some more people to next down line, the joining process goes on. Every upper line person gets benefit of its down line person. Spillover means to a person spills over to its down line person. Here the profit grows as the down line person performs. But this plan never says that as you grow up, you don’t need to work. You have to work more from your down line person. If it happens you stop to work and wish to have profit only, your entire down line person will drop you and your business will get down.

MLM Step Plan

This is a simple, straightforward compensation plan. It allows for a distributor to have a first level of unlimited width. The levels the company pays commission on generally range from 3 to 9 levels deep. The more volume generated by you and your organization, the more you can earn. A disadvantage to this plan is that building wide means the distributor may give less help to his personal enrollees. TVolume of your group can be achieved by your own personal sales volume Or Your Down lines’ Sales Volume.

MLM Generation Plan

This is the most common of all the compensation plans. It is where most of the really big money is made in MLM. This big money, however, is made by a very small percentage of people. Breakaway plans are geared for full-time effort. Attrition is the highest with breakaway plans and it generally will cost more to build your business. This is a work program. It takes persistence, salesmanship, and requires the ability for you to train your recruits. Companies which use breakaway plans tend to pay higher commissions. However, the plan may be extremely difficult for most people to duplicate.

MLM Auto Filling Plan

MLM Auto filling Plan is a non referral plan, which aims to gratify specific product promotion in the MLM industry. An online solution for the Auto filling MLM Software Development is being offered by the company. The Auto filling MLM Plan progresses in the multiple of 2, 3, and 4. The automated approach is used in the Auto filling MLM Plan by the software experts of the company. The fully online payout integrated system is built by the company for the Auto filling software MLM Development.

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